Clear Minded For Life® is based on science
and teaches focused breathing techniques.

Positive psychology is incorporated via simple focus techniques.

Teaching slow breathing skills stimulates the relaxation responses which assists in managing symptoms of anxiety.

Our organisation supports teachers, parents and principals in pre-schools, primary schools and high schools.

Strong links between family and school partnerships are engendered as parents are also taught these techniques for their use at home or work.

The Clear Minded For Life® program has been written with an understanding of The Wellbeing Framework within the Department Of Education.

Self regulation is one of the most important factors in childhood development. By using our techniques, children learn the difference between a calm state and one of high emotion.

Clear Minded For Life® serves to raise awareness of mental health & well being in general.

Enrich your business, your life and those around you with a tailored Clear Minded For Life program.

Our program is offered through our team with a wealth of experience drawn from various industries, such as teaching, natural therapies, corporate skills, the performing arts and the sciences.

“We looked at the number of misdemeanors in the school prior to and after the introduction of Clear Minded For Life and there was a significant reduction; and even more so on the days the program ran.”

– Darren Denmead, Principal – Bathurst West Primary School

Clear Minded For Life® is trading as CMFL
ABN: 28350125458
PO Box 318, Berowra Heights, NSW, Australia, 2082
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